Toradora and Why We Watch End Credits!

I finally got around to finish Toradora since the friend I had started with ended up watching the rest without me. It was a very cute series! As I think someone else said, it has the feel of a light novel. I adored both Taiga and Ryuji’s characters and think they’re really why I enjoyed the series so much.

Back to the title topic. Now my friend said she hated the ending (and she LOVED this series). Knowing our romantic ideals for our anime is similar, it made me dread the ending of this series a little. Finally I got through it and had that mushy contented feeling at the end and a suspicion why my friend hated it.

She stopped watching it when the credits started!

Almost whenever I go with my friends to the movies, I found they end up staying till the credits are over. It’s hit or miss, but sometimes there’s a little extra clip that everybody else missed out on. Anime I watch the endings by default since it gives me a little feeling of closure and well I usually enjoy the ending songs. I recall that I was dying when the credits started rolling for Fushigi Yuugi after a 3 day marathon of it with friends. I probably would have started rolling around and whining in frustration if it wasn’t from the shock that it couldn’t end like that and I couldn’t look away from the credits. It’s amazing what satisfaction an extra minute or two of video during or after the credits can provide.

In a similar but much worse scenario. Make sure you watched the very last episode of the series! I went through a marathon over night watching Hana Yori Dango with a few girls. I fell asleep first since I can never seem to stay awake and had seen it at least twice before. One of the girls who didn’t normally watch anime got REALLY into the series and because she had to leave for work in the morning, she took the series downstairs to finish it. When I woke up before she left, she glared and told me she hated it, that the ending was horrible! It wasn’t until months later that my friend discovered this girl never watched the very last episode! Hopefully this is a harder mistake to accomplish.

SO this is just a friendly reminder from me to you. Rarely but occasionally, if it feels like there should be something more–sometimes there is! Do yourself a favor and let the end credits play. 🙂