About Star

Born with the name Sarah (which I do love) I have adapted to the nickname Star in the online world and through my network of friends who also have acquired aliases. I have a lazy but enjoyable life, boring compared to many but may interest a few. In my twenties but I happily remain at home.

I am an aspiring artist and have drawn caricatures at Busch Gardens theme park for three years, sold my artwork at anime conventions for many years, and taken on freelance job and commissions from time to time. I am still hopeful of moving forward with my artwork though I now have a full time job (which has made me lazier than I already was). I appreciate everyone who has supported and enjoys my art. I have a permanent website, Star In My Pocket, but my main home on the web remains my DeviantArt Gallery.

I love God, a constant presence in my life who I feel has always been there for me whether I am paying attention or not. My parents or two special people in my life and I couldn’t have wished for more from them. I’m thankful for the people and friends in my life which makes it a brighter place. Oh and can’t forget the animals.

Whether about art, anime, books, music, movies, life, writing, pets, I hope you enjoy my musings on wordpress.


2 Responses

  1. Heeeeyyy just had to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Have fun and we’ll talk again next year! 😀

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