Anime Watching Habits

Ah so many anime to watch… and so little time. According to My Anime List I have 25 series currently watching, 31 series on hold, some series on my plan to watch, and 62 completed… Insert sweatdrop?

I honestly don’t know how to focus on only a few anime. My moods change or I start watching a series at the beginning and then wait for it to be completed or at least let a few episodes to pile up. Often I’m trying to watch different series with friends and end up rewatching favorite series rather than finishing others. I enjoy watching anime more when watching it with someone else, which adds to the complication of finishing series.

I don’t have enough time to just sit down and marathon-through series like I would be all too happy to… and if I did there’s still other activities I enjoy too. Thus the anime gets narrowed to what I’m in the mood for, have time for, or watch with a friend. Which ends up being very sporadic indeed…

I’ve found to be a lifesaver to help me keep track of series and which episodes I left off on. No matter if you watch 3 or 30 different anime at a time, it’s a great anime encyclopedia and helps you keep track of anime you’re currently watching, finished watching, on hold, or plan on watching. It’s also a great source for reviews of every anime that’s out there.

So discussion time.

How many anime is too many–at once?
Bouncing between series vs. focusing on a few at time

Do you watch series as the episodes are released?
Or wait for lots of episodes to devour at once…

Do you drop or prioritize the series you’re watching?
Do you finish a series even if it looses your interest?

Will you watch your anime alone or with someone?


5 Responses

  1. Hmmm ok. I need a smoke for this. 😀 Ok, so let me see…
    How many anime is too many at once?
    Well in my case, i hate watching more than one anime at a time. That’s because it would take me a looong time before getting back to the one i’d put on hold. And i hate leaving things unfinished. Even tho i promissed myself i’d go back and finish the ones i’ve started, something new and interesting comes every time. 😀

    Do you watch series as the episodes are released or wait for lots of episodes to devour at once?
    Well the only animes i’m currently watching and are still airing are Naruto Shippuuden and Bleach. Usually i wait for lots of episodes to pile up and in the mean time, i watch another anime that’s already finished. Once i finish that one, i go back and catch up with Bleach and Naruto. 😀

    Do you drop or prioritize the series you’re watching? Do you finish a series even if it looses your interest?
    Hmm… Well i have Jigoku Shoujo, Fushigi Yuugi and Mission-E on hold (sort of) because i found new animes i was more interested in, but i didn’t lose my interest in those ones either. Actually the only anime i found boring was Elfen Lied. I have no idea how and why i managed to watch it till the end… Still, i will finish them all.

    Will you watch your anime alone or with someone?
    Right now i’m watching Shaman King with my brother and my boyfriend, but usually i watch animes alone. 🙂

    • It never really occurred to be before but I find it kinda interesting. I think it’s also a personality thing how we watch anime. I have similar habits with reading books–I’ll start and sometimes bounce between a couple at a time unless one grabs my interest enough for me to obsessively read one of them till the end.

      I think I can’t get around the concept of watching anime with someone else though because of the anime club I ran for so many years… I would almost always end up watching the beginning of certain series many times and never get to the end! Mushi-shi is one of those and I really love that one but STILL haven’t seen the end and watched the beginning at least 3 times. ^^;

  2. You’re so right! I have the same habits when it comes to books and even at work. Once i start something i just can’t drop it and pick up something else. It’s impossible for me because i keep thinking about the thing that i’ve dropped and it gets on my nerves so i can’t concentrate.
    The only anime i’ve started like 4 times now and couldn’t finish is Jigoku Shoujo. I have no idea why because i do find it interesting and i like the characters… I just have no idea why. 😀
    Wish i found an anime club to join… 🙂

  3. I am like Yoko-chan, I have to watch one series at a time/ read one book at a time. Once I’ve started I have to watch all way to the end. I find it really interesting that you can watch that way Sarah, I had assumed everyone did onbe at a time. I kinda wish I had your flexibility!

    • I find it very interesting to know our different habits! =3 I never realized how many people will stick to one thing at a time. I kinda wished I finished more things but I’m always in the mood for different things and know I’ll almost always finish my favorites… at least the ones that can be finished.

      *Starts singing* â™Ș It’s the anime that doesn’t end,
      Yes, it goes on and on, my friend.
      Some people started watching it, not knowing what it was,
      and they’ll continue watching it forever just because… ♫ =D

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