Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve seen people make lists like this and it seems like a good idea. Sometimes I think I think I complain too much when there’s so many things I appreciate about life and that makes me happy. Here are my lists. The profound and the silly.

  • Sleeping in…
  • Sunshine and cool weather
  • Time with friends
  • Watching a movie with my parents or friends
  • My futon which is usually more comfortable than my bed
  • My Room and sanctuary
  • My cat Luna who sleeps with me
  • Baby chicks and ducklings; why can’t they stay small and fuzzy?
  • Finishing a good anime or manga
  • Ferrets because they’re hilarious
  • Dogs because they’re loyal and always love you
  • My flying squirrels because they’ll hide in my shirt and I can take them to work with me
  • Reading a book in a hammock on a cool but sunny day
  • Finishing reading a good book; being morose and euphoric at once
  • Listening to the right song I didn’t know I was even in the mood for
  • Musicals, fun rock, oldies, and classical music
  • The fact I can listen to my Ipod at work
  • Did I mention cooler weather?
  • Oranges and citrus… even if they’re messy
  • Finishing a sketch or artwork I’m particularly happy with
  • Anything Christmas and I don’t care what time of the year it is
  • Twinkling Christmas lights… in my room year-round
  • Scented candles, as long as they don’t smell like baby powder or dessert
  • Singing hymns and praise music
  • Playing the piano, even if I’ve regressed since I was 16
  • Fairy tales and cartoons –  I don’t care how old I am
  • Singing to songs with my friends and being goofy
  • Blankets that are soft and cozy
  • Soft, cute, and cuddly stuffed animals
  • The fireplace and hot coco on a cold day
  • Going to anime cons with friends
  • Doing something out of the ordinary occasionally
  • Coffee in the morning. “Bring me Java Bring Me Joy”
  • Sunsets – as long as I don’t get in an accident because I’m gazing at the sky instead of the road.
  • The sound of rain outside of my bedroom
  • When I’m writing and feel inspired
  • Smiling at random strangers

To be continued…


2 Responses

  1. im diggin the list, esp the one on finishing a good sketch or piece of art .. no feeling like it

    i look forward to reading your blog, its cool so far!

    • Thanks! Hope you’ll find my posts interesting.

      I agree. I’ve been so lazy recently to finishing new art but it’s always awesome feeling when you create something you like.

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